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What have we got?


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alright, the title opf this is "bay_area_skins" in what was a hope of actual skinheads joining, i, for the most part knew that this was not going to happen, due to the fact of the lack of skinheads in the bay area, so i gave it a shot, and now it is going to be a community for the bay area scene in general. aloud is any who is sincerly involved in the bay area scene, that includes, supporting local music, and going to shows. No one style of music. This will be a community for Punks(all genre and sub cultures of that) Rockabilly kids, Psycho's, mods(i know there is none) and anyone else with similiar relations, this communtiy will be moderated by me, Scott & i am a Skinhead. um.. also the guide lines of "bay area" is if you can drive to San Francisco within 3 hours.
*****ALSO NO POLITICS!(you can post things for political meetings or get togethers i just dont want hella political shit)******
*****ALSO(again) i have the right to ban your ass, if you post anything that i think really doesn't belong in this community i will warn you once then ban your ass*****

Cheers! Scott